3 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins of Clients From Hell”

  1. I truly agree to these post. With 1 year online experience, I had actually meet 5 of those 7 clients from hell. Well, thank God I am happy with my employer now. I actually even made some tips how to get hired easily online in my site. You might find my site very dry,since I have no time doing the web designs. But I would appreciate comments about the contents, especially the one that I refer. I actually base it to my experience as an Online Worker and I hope it could benefit some of our fellow online workers seeking for jobs online.

    1. Although design matters from time to time, let’s be honest, it’s the content and keywords that are relevant to your niche that really matters since those really are what the search engine spiders will crawl for. The design can be an added point to your blog but this can be addressed gradually.

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