Virtual Outsourcing of Administrative Assistants in the Philippines (Virtual Assistant Package Fees)

I have been encountering clients who are in search of hiring Virtual Assistants ala Carte to handle all their needs and needing to concentrate in several areas of legwork without worrying of what to do next while having it addressed to one single Virtual Administrative Assistant.

Let’s face it, hiring a Virtual Assistant to tweak on WordPress, do SEO (backlink building, link building, article writing and article submission) while addressing on certain document research is not possible in one time. Thus, producing mediocre results follow. And there are several reasons  for this.

You cannot expect your Virtual Assistant to solely work for you full-time if they are measly compensated especially if you have them from bid sites and you have to realize that internet connection rates in the Philippines varies which has to be considered by most online aspiring entrepreneurs. Expect them to be taking side-jobs to keep up with the expenses as explained here and here.  Even American expat Bob who lives in Mindanao, in his article gave a breakdown of expenses from here, which I am grateful for, coming from somebody from the west is an eye-opener and giving a picture to most clients who’s never been from the Philippines. And although there are some who does it due to being caught in the idea that “desperate situations calls for desperate measures”, you sure can’t expect these people to forever stick with you once a better offer comes their way. I found are have service fees that are within the service bracket the he same as what most entrepreneurs offer. And these is just one of the reasons why you do not get to hear from your Virtual Assistant from the Philippines after a few weeks of service. In comparison based on this forum we can see how much a security guard makes in a month and having it to compare with online freelance specialists who needs to deal with electricity, internet connection, basic necessities and other areas of maintenance  – with these trend offers pitched from forums, such rates offered among freelancers are simply not feasible.

From such different complicated issues of having to deal with and queries every now and then, I have then decided create a fee based on what their needs are. If they want one person to deal with all of these areas and yet couldn’t afford to maintain several people to manage the project and are willing to put to sacrifice some leg-work  and put the workload on a day-to-day scheduling instead, I will be charging on an hourly basis.

However, to some of  my client inquiries who would want to worry less  of having to administer each and every one instead of dealing with a single person to deal with rest of the area of  the workload. I have created a reasonable $2500 package ala carte fee. These includes several people working on different areas consecutively and consistently on different search optimization requirements that needs to be addressed ASAP.

  • keyword research
  • article writing and research
  • article spinning
  • article submission
  • bookmarking
  • forum posting
  • niche related research and blog commenting
  • social media site management and dissemination
  • social network site management and building network
  • link building
  • backlink building
  • wordpress assistance
  • website design
  • website advertising and ad posting
  • email marketing
  • lead generation
  • setting up and interlinking social media/social networking sites and automation

Does this sound too expensive for you? Could be? But imagine several people totally dedicated to do each area of legwork 5 days a week without having to schedule and worrying of what to do out of your SEO problems. By then, you will find the difference between having one person doing all the legwork of over 10 people continuously in a day compared to several people doing all areas of the legwork consistently.

It’s up to you. Only YOU can totally answer for yourself as to what best works on your budget and for your business. As for me, I simply am giving you a realistic view of things.


3 thoughts on “Virtual Outsourcing of Administrative Assistants in the Philippines (Virtual Assistant Package Fees)”

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