TOP Internet Marketing Strategy

I have heard a couple of SEO professional discuss about what would make good traffic for a better income. They have even talked about how only E-bay alone can make a good income to some work-from-home individuals. And I am not saying they’re not good based on how successful thy are with what they’re making. However, more often than usual, they would say negative things from one website over another. Probably because some certain websites work for them and some do not.
From the way, I see it, and in my opinion, income-generating websites would vary despite the Alexa ranking availability since one website may cater the same thing than of the other. The various differences in their skin, theme, usability, customization, manageability could be one of the considerations of a certain user depending on his/her approach. Moreover, since there are no certain facts available as to what a certain individual is searching online, the chance of being found by the search engines is through proper linkages.

The next step to this is to have every site intertwine with each other to enable links to redirect with each other and to whoever visits gets redirected to the rest of the sites with a content that may possibly interest them.

With the kind of job I have that mostly deal with internet savvy marketers, noticeably some social networking sites, which I can suggest based on its popularity and often used by most clients; and if I may add has made its rank with ALEXA. Among these sites are Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Digg, Multiply and which is also a clone of

Two major search engine and bookmarking sites that you would not want to miss out with are and

For most bloggers, blogs can also be a good way of having bookmarks. A few popular blog sites are Blogger and WordPress. These blog sites may serve as an e-journal allowing you to express your thoughts. It may as well serve as a forum area where you can discuss a particular niche among readers. HTML program tools for these sites are very much available and can be included on your blog site.

Among the few sites which most SEO Pros talk about are Freelink, The SEO Tree,Sk-rt,Technorati,Twitter,Kaboodle,StumbleUpon and Squidoo.

Now after all has been set and done, for most people to know, you have to keep your sites updated. However, it can be nauseous to do this on after another. Spare yourself the rush and go have an automatic social bookmarks submitter. But of course, this doesn’t come for free.

Still, that very key to success is on how you manage the websites of your choice and its content.


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