Responsibly Going Through Deal Documents While Working As A Virtual Assistant

In this line of business, a lot of small business entrepreneurs would be wooing you to work on their behalf. However, you have to be very much responsible in terms of going through contract signing.

Several weeks ago, I have encountered an offer to which was not compensating enough but reasonably fine in terms of considering a more fixated monthly income from one of the companies in the United States. Upon discussion, everything went perfectly fine, however, since this client required me to sign a contract under her company, I have to go through the forwarded documents that on the latter I have to decline.

There are several reasons to  why one should consider his/her fees in terms of a long term contract engagement. Personally, one of the things I consider is the binding 8 hour agreement that a client requires of me and having me to be a full-time employee and not a contractor of their business. Working as a Virtual Assistant, one must have to consider the monthly expenses and maintenance of your equipments and services, weighing it to consideration if the necessary areas that needs compensations are met. If by any chance, the offer wouldn’t be sufficient, decline it responsibly for you to build your reputation as a service provider and enable your prospects to see through the matters that you put in consideration that they may be looking forward to later working with you in the near future.

Here was my response to the forwarded contract:

If you do have any suggestions and queries that you may want us to discuss, feel free to post and let’s go through it.


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