Virtual Outsourcing Philippines : What TO KNOW about Online Business Investment

A lot of individuals have been considering an online investment as it rakes in a big amount of money based on what they have heard or what they’ve read from either blogs or forums. Thus, they begin talking about this really big “plan” that they have in mind and assume of being the most sought after online entrepreneur just as what one of those training videos online inspired them to be.

There are 3 great myths that you should put to consideration by those that pitch their opportunity to you…

1. Signing up for their offer will make you rich
2. Having you own website will bring frenzy of prospects
3. They’ll help you bring visitors to your sites — THEY WON’T

Most newbies who venture into online marketing thinks, “$10 for a domain with a lot of online freebies? Now that’s breathtaking, let’s get it on!”
Next, reality comes in where they are confronted with hosting fees and will need to pre-pay for two years in order to lock in that great price of $5.50/mo., So, they go ahead and give it up on the $100-$200 to set up their hosting.

Now that all is set with that little sacrifice of their $200, they begin to wonder if all this web talk is all it’s crazed up to be. So, they try to check out for some really cool websites, study the feasibility of it, ranking, keyword listing and all the necessary online tools to keep up with their new investment.

Unfortunately, they get hit with an overwhelming amount of tools, designs, plug-ins and the work force necessary to a lot more while browsing and getting acquainted with the World Wide Web that they really are now even wanting for more as they go dreamy of it while computing their possible income within a month’s time, “Shouldn’t cost too much, right? After all, we can possibly have one for another $300, ayt?!”

And then BAM! They get a blow with the reality that all of these cool sites that topped on the Alexa rankings while being kept at awe on how so much traffic these sites generate and what they make in a month’s time would cost them more than $5000 to start up with, hence, they begin rejecting the idea in total denial since they already paid for fees that were already hard-hitting to put away. After all, some guru just mentioned that getting to the first page of Google is just what matters most – without really thinking that you need to consider conversion as well.

Most online investors have a concrete, business-based reason for putting up their site and hiring the most qualified team for them as far as lusting for a website they just saw or hearing from some testimony that they’re raking in a big amount of money is concerned. As a consequence, there have been no exceptions to this rule. Most entrepreneurs use their site to either sell a product, build a subscription list for marketing purposes and building links to increase exposure to help with their conversion rates putting in high priority on search engine optimization.

From which, a team of qualified professionals are hired.

• Web Developer
• Graphic Designer
• Virtual Assistants
• Search Engine Optimizers
• Lead Generating Assistants
• Link Builders
• Article Writers
• Customer Service Relations Assistants
• Outbound Sellers
• Video/Audio Editor

One must also consider that tools are being used for the application of these that caused investment on the side of their virtual employees. Lest if you want to provide the materials and insist on paying less or put into consideration the manual application of these which in the long run has taken a hefty amount of your target time wasted. You should understand that building your online business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of application of all the necessary strategies you know to materialize it.

It would be factual to consider that online marketing will really be only open to the following people:

* Those with a plan
* Those with a lot of money

One can argue with it, but it’s a definite fact. Professional blogs, websites and forums are luxury items. Let’s put it this way: plenty of businesses that deals with home renovation and enhancement would buy eye-catching items for consumers to desire and have them in their homes in their catalogs and display, but only a certain few patrons with a big hard plan to renovate who have money to splurge would ever actually buy one.

Everybody wants a killer website that generates traffic after seeing one that they lust over. Everybody wants to have the right keywords against their competitors and make good in the search engines. Problem is, nobody wants to invest in consideration of its cost. Don’t hesitate to pay top dollar for the best team you can ever have. If you need people with solid experience, be prepared to pay them what they are worth.


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