Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Social Bookmarking For Effective Internet Marketing

Perhaps all have heard of the term ‘book marking.’ How many of us know about ‘social bookmarking?’ We utilize the Web for various purposes. A number of us look for certain information that is connected to our relevant field of study or expertise. And, we choose to save such useful information, which we might refer to at a later time.

It was a general practice for people to organize their bookmarks of online resources in various folders in the web browser. To free us from the difficulty of finding our bulk collection of references social bookmarking is utilized these days. In social bookmarking, people create a web of resources and links without much difficulty and retrieve those saved information just the same way as we did before the introduction of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking makes it a lot easier for users to organize and categorize resource and information.

Social bookmarking is simply bookmarking sites about particular topics that people like. When a user visits a website and finds it important, he bookmarks it through one of the social bookmarking websites. Just like any other website, when a huge number of users utilize a particular social bookmarking site, that site becomes a high-ranking social bookmarking website. Social bookmarking websites are popular among bloggers who would blog about your website and this means a lot of new traffic and more valuable backlinks—an imperative way for Internet marketing.

As the name suggests, it also allows individuals to socialize with others who may have the same kind of interests, in the same topics or subjects they have tagged and bookmarked for themselves.

In social bookmarking, socialization is made possible by the following ways:

Users could see the creators of each bookmark on a particular topic web page of a website.

A user is allowed to access another user’s bookmarked references or resources.

All users are allowed to see all other individuals who have utilized a particular tag or keyword that allows them to search for relevant information about the same topic.

Thus social bookmarking helps in exchanging informative resources by allowing access to each other’s resources or information. This kind of socialization through social bookmarking has paved way for online marketing for a number of Internet businesses. Do you see the effectiveness of utilizing social bookmarking as a marketing tool? Many utilize social bookmarking to boost their site’s traffic, which in turn would improve their ranking in search engines.

Though social bookmarking is pretty new in the Internet arena as compared to other socialization venue, millions of people are already using them. With its networking possibilities, it is attracting a huge number of webmasters who utilize it to bring them quality visitors. Digg,, etc. are a number of examples of the well-known social bookmarking websites. You could sign up free for these services when you register and begin blogging for free.

It would be wise to bookmark your websites in as many social bookmarking websites as possible for backlinks and traffic to your Internet business.


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