Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website

As a Webmaster or an Internet marketer you would be more interested in increasing your link popularity because it is only popular links draw more traffic.

There are a number of methods available in the market that help you to drive targeted traffic. Who is not familiar with Pay-per-click (PPC)? This is by far the most popular method. Other popular methods are email marketing, mini websites, list building, newsletters, search engine optimization (SEO) and article marketing.

While most of these methods need money, SEO and article marketing are an exception, we could say. PPC requires you to shell out money from your pocket and soon you may run out of money. List building and email marketing take quite a longer time to yield positive results. Considering these factors, SEO and article submission are better methods.

Search Engine Optimization needs a good knowledge about link popularity. It is the most essential aspect of SEO. If you are familiar with it, you could populate a million web pages just in a single day!

If you own a website, you have probably spent a good amount of time on quality content, on-page optimization and link building tactics to get you a top ranking in Google. These are good efforts on your part, but search engines are using more scrutinizing measures upon page ranking and deciding on which sites are important.

For your website to get top rankings you could follow these tips:

1.Update/Maintain your wesite on a regular basis – increase link popularity (you could do this by the help of link exchanges), make sure your link exchanges are more specific or relevant to your niche website and other websites that are reputable in nature, use shorter and crisp descriptions, watch for keyword density, use keyword-based Meta titles, restrict use of tables and use more colorful images; present your site with specific, quality content; add interactive features such as comments, forums, etc., utilize proper html coding to enable the search process easier for search engine spiders.

2. Site submission – take more efforts in finding thematic portals and quality directories; some of them accept site submissions for review, too. For example you could try ‘keyword directory’ in Google.

3. Links – Authority websites offer higher quality content and hence pull a higher traffic. You could search for authority websites with high page rank (PR) and those which agree with placing a link from your website to their webpage. Free article directories like articlecity, Ezine, article dashboard articles are high PR web sites. These authority sites would link to your site.

Do you see the advantage of having relevant content to match your link and keywords or key phrases you are targeting? Links to these sites would get you a higher evaluation for your web page and higher Page Rank (PR).

Many people are using article directories and article submission software in order to increase their link popularity. Link popularity would get you more traffic and more targeted customers means more sales and more money.


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