Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Are Freelancers More Expensive?

Most clients are often taken aback as soon as they find out the hourly rates of a freelance worker and insist on the possibility of getting a cheaper pay in other online companies providing outsourcing services.

Freelancers Aren’t Actually More Expensive

It is necessary to inform clients why freelancers are cheaper compared to employees putting an emphasis to the fact that employers necessarily have to pay for insurance, employment taxes and all sorts of other expenses for the privilege of a wage earner.

In most cases, companies are eliminating employees in favor of freelancers in order to cut costs these days and getting the actual value of their money’s worth. Not to mention the fact that freelancers provide their own equipment and internet connection.

Aside from these, most employers nowadays have been considering freelancers based on things they find out upon hiring an employee from an outsourcing company based on what has been earlier discussed on Outsourcing Outrage : Why Most Resort To Freelance Jobs.

Freelancers Saves Money

Freelancers may seem like they cost higher than they should compared to wage earners based on their hourly rates — but once an employer sees the justification of other involving factors, Freelancers are actually cheaper in getting their money’s worth.


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