Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: 7 Smart Ways to Social Bookmarking

Millions are using social bookmarking on the Internet. “Bookmarking” is simply linking a particular page to reach it easily. Basically, it is meant for individual reference; but social bookmarking allows users to easily socialize and exchange information.

You could promote your business through social bookmarking. You add bookmarks to ensure that others visit your page. Social bookmarking generates more visitors to your page and this can be used as a means to promote your business and increase your income through the net.
Here are 6 smart ways to social bookmarking:

Choose a network wisely: do a good research for social bookmarking websites. Select a popular social bookmarking network. Popular ones would make more users visit your page. Popular social bookmarking sites with more members are a good place to start social bookmarking.

Register for a network – after a careful research, you could sign up with them. As a member you should read their rules, terms and conditions, and understand them so that you could follow them to avoid unwanted problems in future.

Start tagging – tagging increases your popularity in the network. It would help you provide a lot of useful, relevant and important information to the network. Begin tagging popular, quality websites that you visit. This would raise your popularity and you would become a well-known member in the network among the other users.

Add bookmarking links to your website: link your social bookmarking site to your website so that your website visitors go to your bookmark site. Reciprocally, link website to the social bookmarking site so that this will generate more traffic to your website.

Attract readers to your bookmark – Make your bookmark popular. You could promote your bookmarking through important and interesting information to attract readers. Good bookmarks magnet other readers who would help increase your popularity. The more useful information you provide in your bookmark, the more readers you would generate and the popular you would be.

Make your bookmark a search engine – social bookmarking sites and pages work as effective search engines. They work better than web spiders by getting relevant information for your users.

Submit your site to other social bookmarks – submit your social bookmarking site to another list of bookmarking sites to get popularity and traffic to your site.

These intelligent ways of social bookmarking could earn a decent income for you… far more decent that you would ever believe.

To summarize it all, the whole process involves placing a bookmark on an interesting and useful topic in a social bookmarking site. This becomes accessible to all other users having the same need or interests. Since links are placed to relevant sites, social bookmarking helps you to earn money through advertisement and marketing. Efficient social bookmarking makes your bookmarking crawl, attract your visitors so that they make repeat visits to your site, is listed in many other list of social bookmarks and allows you to expand through its social network.


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