Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Why Outsource A Home-Based Assistant?

We have heard a lot of arguments and inadequacies with working with home-based assistants and comparing them to company based employees that running them down to the very last drop of it would simply add up to further arguments as to which comes best.

Let me instead give you the benefits of working with a home-based assistant.

Having a home-based assistant would come handy. They can be reachable any time and their time is often flexible than the usual. They are like on-call doctors who are ready to assist you anytime.

To most clients, they prefer having a home-based assistant over someone who’s working in an office for a lot of reasons aside from flexibility. One of these is the fact that, they get to have a personal supervision of their accounts and having their way instead of going through a lot of business protocols when they simply are in need of an output. Another benefit of having a home-based assistant is the privilege of not being required to pay any setup costs since the basic equipment, which is either a laptop or a desktop (which often comes with the best specifications compared to company businesses) is already available for usage coming from the assistants themselves. On the other hand, just as most typical outsourcing company would require – the need to provide the appropriate software to enable the production still comes as a demand to either of both. So, why spend more when either of both will still need further setup expenses when a home-based assistant can cut it on the budget?

The quality of work would vary in many ways though and it will always be a fact that either of both, there would always be a bad egg in a group… Further, home-based assistants has that urge to work harder to keep up to their integrity and produce a better output knowing that they can have their heads on the chopping list and can be replaced anytime.

Just a thought for you to think about….


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