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Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Are Freelancers More Expensive?

Most clients are often taken aback as soon as they find out the hourly rates of a freelance worker and insist on the possibility of getting a cheaper pay in other online companies providing outsourcing services.

Freelancers Aren’t Actually More Expensive

It is necessary to inform clients why freelancers are cheaper compared to employees putting an emphasis to the fact that employers necessarily have to pay for insurance, employment taxes and all sorts of other expenses for the privilege of a wage earner.

In most cases, companies are eliminating employees in favor of freelancers in order to cut costs these days and getting the actual value of their money’s worth. Not to mention the fact that freelancers provide their own equipment and internet connection.

Aside from these, most employers nowadays have been considering freelancers based on things they find out upon hiring an employee from an outsourcing company based on what has been earlier discussed on Outsourcing Outrage : Why Most Resort To Freelance Jobs.

Freelancers Saves Money

Freelancers may seem like they cost higher than they should compared to wage earners based on their hourly rates — but once an employer sees the justification of other involving factors, Freelancers are actually cheaper in getting their money’s worth.


Virtual Outsourcing Philippines: Why Need A Professional Website Design?

Virtual Outsourcing Philippines

A properly-designed website can benefit your business greatly. Any business, whether large or small, can enjoy the advantages of an attractive custom website design. For the best possible results, business website designs are better left to companies or freelancers who specialize in producing professional website designs. Amateur website design can scare off potential customers — or even existing ones.

Custom website design is a thriving business because companies are turning to these professionals at an increasing rate. Having a custom website design made for your business is one of the best ways to produce effective results and increase bottom line profit. Rather than creating a custom website design that looks amateurish, hire a freelancer or a custom website design company to do the work for you. A professional appearance is the only way a customer is going to return to your company for its services.

To reach a growing number of customers, professional website designs will broaden your marketing horizons. Not only can you reach more people with your custom website design, but it also gives your business a more professional reputation that your customers will feel comfortable with. Your page’s website design is often the only impression potential customers will get of your business until they contact you, so a custom website design is vital for making them want to return. Not only that, a custom website design will help you compete against other companies that offer similar products and services.

A wider advertising market means more potential income. You can reach that market by getting a custom website design for your company. It does not matter if your business is large or small because a custom website design will undoubtedly help it grow in many ways. Since your website design is what your potential customers will see first, you want it to be both professional and unique, so they will remember you. Emerge victorious from your competitors, a custom website design is one of the first places to start.

If you cannot afford to have a website design company or a website design freelancer create a page for your business, you can find a wide-array of software programs to help you. Many website design software programs are designed to help individuals with no experience create their own business website designs and professional web site designs. These are an inexpensive alternative to hiring a company, but you will not get custom web site designs from a software program. Generally, website design software programs will have several options and templates that you can choose from. This inhibits your individual preferences and creativity which means your website design will be the same as many others.

Custom website design is not easy at it always seems. It takes training and time to learn how to create effective and unique websites that will benefit your company and its goals. With a professionally-designed custom website, you can enjoy the benefits of a greater customer base and an increased potential for income.


Working With a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Virtual Outsourcing Philippines

Virtual Administrative Assistant -SEO/Company Research Analyst
(optimizing search engines for both US/EU online business owners)

I work for both US/UK companies who owns another division of their business i.e. B2B commerce and some are LLC’s, With what I do, With my line of business, I get the chance to work with entrepreneurs, coaches, gurus etc… In the I.T. industry we are called Search Engine Optimizers, the technical administrative virtual assistants who manipulates the search engines (yahoo/msn/google) to make these companies lead among the millions of sites that they are competing with on the search engines to enable to generate sales, visibility, popularity etc. through the usage of several software applications…

Being a Virtual Assistant can be a challenging yet compensating job. Not only that it can be financially compensating but rather a very good inspiration for those who are seeking  a much focused  personal growth incentive that this business can provide throughout the process. Each day is a fresh learning strategy that helps you provide a better service to your clients and the needs they require.

With this kind of business (which I treat it…and will explain later why it is a “business”), I oftentimes get the chance to encounter quite a number of Virtual Assistants who oftentimes trade themselves short.  It is sad that some Virtual Assistants, especially those who are focused on Search Engine Optimization and online development do not get to see the value of their work due to that mindset that this is just like any other job that requires an 8 hour time in and time out that most clients require them of – a service without much involvement to their jobs. However, we cannot blame these team of virtual assistants since a wise businessman knows that there are  people who simply work for their month’s end pay or hourly wage and some who really gets involved with the client’s business.  In a particular area – such as traffic management, to which constant diligence and follow-up is necessary, people who have been able to understand the value of their role in the development field gets that high feeling whenever they get such traffic rate that they are expecting and share the same lows whenever the traffic seems to be staggering down the drains.  These team of people do understand that their involvement to the success of their client’s business is not only a whooping bonus paycheck to look forward to, but rather the importance of how good they are with their craft and further studying strategies to enhance their personal development skills that can not only acquire them personal pride and satisfaction, but the trust of their client to recommend them to their network of people. And this, as I mentioned earlier is when an individual considered his job not as a sole 8-5 workload but as his own business and his passion where he/she not only commits to the job but to branding themselves as a service worth indicated.

Would you want to share your experience with a Virtual Assistant or being a Virtual Assistant yourself?  I’d be glad to hear from you.

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